Some Testimonials...

Patricia ..., Student, San Diego

... I am surfing the Net since 3 years, reading painfully Etexts and HTML of all kinds. This software is turning my etexts reading into a fun! Illustrations are rendering far better than with any paperback edition ! Congratulations to The Ebookstore team ! I will never screw again to read thousands of lines of etexts !...

Aurora ...., Housewife, Melbourne, Australia

... Like many of their friends, my kids are mad about electronic games. Now they are playing with the Ebooks, but, at least, they learn something useful ...

Caroline ..., Teacher, Manchester, UK

... I wish my students would all use this Ebook, and become book lovers next!

Paul ..., Young writer, Quebec

... No electronic book will ever replace a real book, BUT... The Ebook of The Ebookstore, with its incredible capabilities, opens new horizons to the Art of Reading and will soon become an indispensable complement to review or to "preview" all kinds of literature.
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